Going Gray Revisited

Going Gray Revisited

Two years ago this month I decided to stop coloring my hair and to chronicle the journey. The archives are precisely four posts. That’s all. Do you know why? Because it turned out to be a non-event.

Oh, I’m gray, alright. But only in a couple of spots. I had anticipated a very painful and humiliating process, but it wasn’t so bad. I used a temporary color to cover the gray as it was growing out, which was a waste of time and money because it covered everything but the gray. And then I had my hair cut short and just let the gray grow with the rest of my hair.

Frankly, I like it. I’ll ask my hairdresser if I should start coloring again and she always says, “Mmm (like she’s really thinking about it or something), not this time.” And then we leave it at that.

A couple of weeks ago I had some professional headshots taken by my very talented friend Gail at Gail Anne Photography.  (This would normally be where I tell you how much I hate to see pictures of me because I never actually see me and it’s just an exercise in depression, but that isn’t what this post is about.) So I figured since I had make up on, my hair styled and a real professional taking the pictures I may as well use one of them to show you my hair. So here you go:

headshot going gray

And thus ends the Jenster Chronicles of Going Gray.


Three Weeks and Counting

It was three weeks ago today that I had my hair colored. And look:

8-26-14 Hair

You can see a nice little swatch of gray starting. And see how it’s all concentrated in one area? It’s exactly like that on the other side.

Do you know what I’m afraid of? I’m afraid of looking like this when it’s all grown out:


I think I’m going to try a temporary rinse on it this weekend and see what happens. Don’t worry. I’ll keep you posted!

And in other news…

My third article for Believe.com was posted today. Here’s the link:

Three Tips Why Journaling Really Matters



A Little Gray With A Bunch of Good Junk


There’s not much going on with my hair right now. It’s only been a week and a half since my coloring job. There is the faintest amount of color sliding at my temples, but it didn’t show up in the pictures I tried to take so they’re not even worth posting.

And speaking of pictures, I know I said I would get one at the wedding while I was all gussied up, but that was a falsehood. Not an intentional one, mind you, but it just didn’t happen. I DO, however, have these photos I took the day after the coloring.

8-6-14 Hair 2 8-6-14 Hair 1

I love my color. I really do. It has a nice vibrancy to it that I’m afraid I’ll lose as it’s growing out. But I guess we’ll find out together. Because you’re a part of this now and I’ve tossed my pride aside. Today, at least.


Thursday night was Todd’s bowling league night and Katie had gone out with some friends. So after dinner Taylor told me we were going on an adventure, but he wouldn’t tell me what. I love me a good adventure and now that I’m all “grown up” and everything, I don’t get many of them.

He loaded up something in his truck and then we left. Our first stop was Sonic for milkshakes and then we were off again. We ended up at the river, where he backed his truck up to the shore and we climbed onto the bed of his truck and sat in lawn chairs. Then we commenced to converse and enjoy our milkshakes.

20140814-DSC_0025 20140814-DSC_0028

It was such a beautiful evening and, in fact, became downright chilly as the sun went down. Which, as you can see, made for a gorgeous picture.

After our most enjoyable endeavor we came home to watch Sharknado 2. Please don’t judge. It’s less an “I really want to see that spectacular cinematic brilliance”, and more of an “I have to watch it to say I watched it and then we can delete it from the DVR and never have to see it again.” Todd made it home just in time to watch with us and I have to say, it wasn’t without its entertainment. There is some value in B movies after all.


A few years ago I was off visiting my parents in New Mexico and when I returned home, Todd had bought me a Keurig as an early birthday present. I was ever so happy with it and really do like it. Sometimes. But here’s the thing about a Keurig – the coffee doesn’t taste the same. Oh, it’s super convenient as long as you have a supply of K-cups. That can get pretty pricey, though, so we have special K-filters we can use regular ground coffee with. That’s great, too, except it’s kind of a pain to put together every morning and again, the taste isn’t the same.

I’ve been thinking for a while now that I wanted a regular coffee maker. But how wasteful! The Keurig works perfectly fine. The taste thing finally got the better of me and I had Katie pick up a discounted coffee maker at Target the other day. So now this is what our counter looks like:

Coffee Counter

We’re keeping both on the counter because the Keurig is great for brewing iced tea and chai lattes and hot chocolate and hot tea and hot apple cider and all manner of alternative beverages. You can see from the K-Cup holder, however, that we are low on our favorite K-Cups.

Two mornings in a row Taylor and I have had coffee from the new coffee maker and it was divine. Oh, how I’ve missed that flavor.


We ended this fabulous streak with a kayaking adventure. It was such a gorgeous day yesterday so we drove through the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside to Green Lane where we rented four kayaks and took to the open water. So.much.fun. And it was just an awesome way to spend a day. No phones. No computers. No TVs. Just the four of us. We probably would have stayed out a bit longer, but some dark clouds started rolling in, the wind whipped up a bit and it was cold. In August. It was cold. No matter. We still had over an hour of relaxing fun and I’m looking forward to doing it again.