So Much Love

So Much Love

Last Friday, only a few hours after I posted I Wait, my father peacefully took his last breath. My mother and one sister were there with him and there was no struggle, no suffering, just a calm passing from this life to the next.

The response to my post was astounding. So many people expressed sympathy and prayers and a shared mourning. I could feel the love of friends and family through the computer screen.

Between my two sisters and myself, we gave Dad nine grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. After his passing the grandkids with social media posted beautiful tributes to him, setting to words the legacy he passed on.

Their words not only honored him, they blessed my mother, my sisters and me, and glorified God. The responses to their posts were again full of sympathy, prayers and a unified grieving. Again, the warmth and caring that came through was astonishing.

My dad was a great man and together, he and my mother forged lifelong friendships and the respect and admiration of so many people. We, as a family, have been comforted and gladdened by the outpouring of love.

While this time is a sad time, there’s a complete joy and comfort in knowing where he is, a pleasure in our entire family being together, and an overwhelming peace that can only come from God.

All that love is overwhelming.


I Wait

As I write this I’m waiting to hear from New Mexico that my father has passed away. He stopped swallowing the other day and was struggling to breathe yesterday. This is the natural progression of advanced dementia and it feels merciless to me.

I am sad. My mom is sad. My sisters are sad. We’re all sad. But at the same time, relief is just a last breath away. We’ve watched him suffer and mourned his loss for the last several years and, while we will always mourn for him, our desire is for him to be Earl again. For his mind to be whole, for his voice to be clear, for his legs to be strong. For him to know nothing but pure delight in the presence of his Jesus. This thought changes sad tears to overwhelming tears of joy.

I will not be there when he takes his final breath and I’m okay with that. Or maybe I’m just convincing myself that I’m okay with that. But my family is nothing if not pragmatic – maybe even to a fault. In my heart I’ve already said goodbye. And I don’t believe my presence will make any difference to him. Don’t get me wrong. If I was closer I would be there with my mom and sister, but logistically, it’s not realistic to think I can be there in time.

So I wait. I wait to make my flight arrangements. I wait to figure out when to make flight arrangements for Todd and Taylor. Katie is in the final weeks of her junior year of college and she cannot afford to miss school. So I wait to see when the service will be and if it will be possible for her to join us.

And when the waiting is over I will rejoice. I will rejoice in being with my family, no matter the situation. I will rejoice that my precious daddy is no longer suffering. And I will especially rejoice because I am confident in his final destination.

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!

Philippians 4:4

Papa Collage

Texas Adventures – Part 2

Texas Adventures - Part 2When last we met, our people had just left West, Texas, and were making their way through the deluge in two cars, one black and one white, down to Austin.

We pulled out of Slovacek’s parking lot and hit I-35 S for the remaining 2 hour drive. The weather vacillated between a good, heavy soak and, as some might say, “pouring pee out of a boot.” (That means it was raining really, really hard. And that’s not the precise saying, it’s more of the PG version. But you get the gist.) The white car and the black car became separated, but both drivers knew where they were going so we just planned to meet up at the restaurant.

As we were gliding through the water driving down the road, I got on Facebook and was assailed with messages from friends asking if we were okay and posting links to the Weather Channel and the National Weather Service and various other news outlets. Turns out there had been a tornado south of Austin and we were under a tornado watch with flash flood warnings all around. I pointed these things out to Terri and, for some unknown reason, it made us giggle. Maybe it was the hysterical laugh of those who are looking an unfortunate end in the eye. I don’t know. It was inappropriate, to say the least, but there we were, huddled together, looking at my phone and snickering quietly because we didn’t want the guys up front to know.

I really don’t know why we behaved so. There’s often no explanation as to why my family behaves the way we do.

Finally we made it to the restaurant.

If you ever find yourself in Austin I highly recommend you try the original Salt Lick in Driftwood.

The Salt Lick

As one who appreciates good food, I would say it was definitely worth the trip through Armageddon. One friend of mine suggested I order the brisket and ask for the end cut, which I did. Oh my, people. Here’s a picture of my plate. I ordered a combo which had pork ribs also.


But look at the brisket. See how charred and mouth watering it looks?


So here’s my take. The brisket was beyond delicious. It was both crispy and juicy, all at the same time, and melted in my mouth. (The taco soup I’m planning for dinner, which I love, is starting to sound a little bland.) I was much less enamored with the ribs and wish I would have just had a big ol’ plate of the briskety magnificence. Next time. Yes – I vow there will be a next time.

The barbecue sauce is very good as well. I’m just partial to a tomato based sauce and theirs is mustard based.

The rest of the fixin’s were good, too. I may or may not have licked my plate. And if I didn’t, I wanted to.

We all decided to complete the experience with dessert. I mean, right? So I had the boysenberry cobbler with ice cream and a cup of coffee. Mmmm…


Excuse me while I have a moment…

Okay. Sadly, I wasn’t even able to finish it. Oh, how I wish for a doggy bag right now.

The other offering was chocolate chip pecan pie and it looked pretty much droolworthy as well.

Pecan Pie

Dangit! I should have shared with someone. Why didn’t I think of that then? That’s what my greediness gets me.

Once the food was served conversation was a little sparse because we were all too busy making yummy sounds. When we did chat, the topic was pretty much the weather and the rain and the tornado farther south and the flooding and what a great blog post this was going to make.

When we left the restaurant we switched up the riding situation. Terri and I moved to Jarred’s car with mom and Michele moved to ride with Joe and David. Before we could leave Austin, however, the boys wanted to make a quick stop and see their tattoo guy. Unfortunately, the tattoo guy couldn’t make it into work because of flooding. But we were there long enough for me to get this picture:


I then posted it to Facebook with the comment that my mom, sisters and I were getting Mother/Daughter tattoos in Austin. People believed me and wanted to see a picture when it was done. So I found this picture on Google and posted it:


We laughed and laughed because, no. Even if we would get tattoos we wouldn’t get that tattoo. We’ll just have to put more thought into what we want before our next girls’ trip.

And just like that we were back on the road. Up I-35, headed back to West for a stop and then on to Fort Worth. Just out of Temple the interstate came to a near standstill. Jarred got off and found a way around to Bucc-ee’s and Joe eventually followed suit.

Bucc-ee’s alone was an experience. It’s an enormous gas station with a convenience store, deli, clothing and home decorating. Because you never know when you’re going to find just the right piece in a gas station. It really was a fabulous and magical place.

Anyway, long story just the teensiest less long, the interstate was flooded a few miles up the road and was shut down. A policeman at Bucc-ee’s was saying there was no way around it, but when Jarred and Joseph asked him about some roads they had mapped out he told them that should be fine. So we headed out again.

By this time it was dark and it was still raining, though not nearly as hard as it had been. Jarred was in front of Joe and all of a sudden this black sedan came whipping around us, over the double yellow line, and scooted in front of the vehicle ahead of us as a semi was coming the other way. Jarred said very unkind things about his brother for driving so recklessly and at the next opportunity he tried to catch up. But the little black car kept whipping around cars, trying to gain more ground. So Jarred kept whipping around cars, trying to catch up, questioning Joseph’s mental state the whole time.

Finally we came to a crossroads and there was the black car, waiting to turn right. We found out later from Michele that Joseph commented on Jarred’s idiot driving, wondering out loud why he kept going around all those cars and why he was in such a hurry. This, of course, caused us to dissolve into puddles of laughter.

You know – reading through this I realize that maybe we just think things are way funnier than they really are. Oh well. At least we have fun.

At one point Jarred said something about hoping he didn’t get pulled over. I told him I hoped not, either, but it would add considerably to the blog story. He did not oblige so I’m sorry. No story about getting pulled over by the police. Which is just as well. The rest of us in the car probably would have been laughing uncontrollably and Jarred could have been carted off to jail because of it. I have no idea what the charge would be, but I suppose it could happen.

One more stop at the Czech Stop in West for the much anticipated kolaches. As late as it was most of us just bought them to have for breakfast the next day. They made for a delicious morning repast!

We finally made it home unscathed and unticketed and saw this on-line:

Troy Flooding

That’s why we had to find an alternate route.

And to think, this is only Friday we’ve gotten through.

Texas Adventures ~ Part 1

Texas Adventures - Part 1A couple Wednesdays ago I flew from Pennsylvania to Texas for a special girls’ get away. My mother and sister from New Mexico flew in the same day and we were picked up by my Fort Worth sister.

The next day we just kind of hung out and enjoyed each other’s company. Then Friday came. But before I tell you about our Epic Friday (as it’s come to be known in certain circles), let me give you a little back story.

A few months ago my Texas nephews and I had a Facebook argument conversation about barbecue. They said Texas has the best barbecue and I said Texas isn’t the only barbecue in town and I’m really not sure how it all went down. I tried to find the thread but there have been a lot of status updates since then. Anyhow, they decided we would have to make a trip down to Driftwood, just outside of Austin, so they could take me to the original Salt Lick.

Turns out Waco is on the way to Austin and, as it happens, Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper just opened a store in Waco and the grand opening was… wait for it… Friday! Not only that, but West is right before you get to Waco. West is famous for their kolaches – delicious Czechoslovakian pastries – and the boys had plotted our course with stops in West and Waco.

So Friday morning came and seven intrepid adventurers set out in two cars.

Friday morning, October 30th.

Do you watch the news?

Did you hear about the weather in Texas on Friday, October 30th?

Here are just a few of the headlines:

“Deadly Floods, Possible Tornadoes Strike Texas as Storms Sweep Through”

” Flipped trucks, widespread damage in south Austin, Texas, after rainstorms, flooding”

” Flash flood warnings continue in South Texas, with rainfall totals over 1 foot”

You get the idea. The weather was bad. But since we were foolish intrepid we went anyway.

So we drove through the pouring rain and sighed our relief when we made it to Slovecek’s in West. Slovecek’s is a gas station with a meat market, bakery, gift shop, and beer cave, among other things. It also has the nicest public bathrooms I’ve ever been in. Which was rather convenient due to the quick stop at Starbuck’s on our way out of Fort Worth. Here we indulged in Klobasnek, Czechoslovakian meat pastries, for breakfast.

Once sated, we returned to the cars and continued on to Waco for the grand opening of Magnolia Market. The rain had lightened significantly and we thought maybe it was passing.

We were wrong and not a one of us was willing to stand in the rainy line. Especially because I think there were two umbrellas between all seven of us.

So my car pulled up to the curb and I jumped out, hiding my camera in my rain jacket, and snapped a couple of shots. We never did see Chip or Joanna. Waco was a bust.

Finally we were on our way to Austin and the real reason for our road trip…

Coming up: Disturbing weather reports, delicious food, huge gas stations and more rain. Much more rain.

Daddy’s Hands

Daddy's Hand

*This is a photo of my father’s hand taken on Sunday, November 9, 2014.

Daddy’s hands were soft and kind when I was cryin´.
Daddy´s hands, were hard as steel when I´d done wrong.
Daddy´s hands, weren´t always gentle
But I´ve come to understand.
There was always love in Daddy´s hands.

This is the song I danced  to with my father over 26 years ago at my wedding. Dad was quite the dancer and we two stepped our little hearts out. Or rather he two stepped while I tried to keep up. I’m pretty sure I bruised a couple of his toes when I stomped as he stepped.

My dad has always had nice hands. It doesn’t take much for me to go back in time and see his clean, neat nails as his fingers wrapped around a pen. Or maybe he’s sitting in his chair next to the stereo, listening to Mozart with his eyes closed while his hand conducts an invisible orchestra, a serene look of pleasure on his face. Sometimes I can picture his finger pointing at me when I was in trouble or when I “got him good”. I remember watching him scrub the grease off his hands with Lava pumas soap after he’d changed the oil or some other dirty work. What used to be strong hands that performed all kinds of tasks are now frail and worn. At 87 years old, they just don’t operate the way they used to. Kind of like his mind.

I hate dementia. It’s a horrible, insidious disease that slowly kidnaps a person without any warning. What at first seems like normal, age related forgetfulness morphs into the heart wrenching realization that the brain is broken. And it’s not something that will ever be better. It’s not a disease with a cure, nor is it a quick death. Instead it’s a gradual and tedious decline into a mental oblivion while the rest of us helplessly watch.

People think it’s a good day when a dementia patient knows their family, but I’ve decided lucid days aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. When my father knows what’s going on he is sad. He gets frustrated because we can’t understand what he’s trying to tell us. He’s sad because he can’t come home with us. He’s sad because he’s 100% dependent on everyone else to feed him, to put him to bed, to do everything. He’s sad because in those lucid moments, he knows he’s broken beyond repair.

And that makes me so very, very sad. What I wouldn’t give to have my daddy be whole and himself again. But that won’t happen so I pray every day that God would just take him home. Home where he will be whole and perfect and even smarter than he was back in the day. Then he can conduct the angels’ choir to his heart’s content for all eternity. Then there will be no sadness or frustration. Then there will be nothing but joy.

My dad is in a nursing home in New Mexico so I don’t have the opportunity to see him very often. Last night I returned from my yearly trip where I had the chance to spend some time with him and hold his hand. I like to think that small gesture meant a little to him and gave some comfort. It was just my way of returning the favor for all those times Daddy’s hands gave me comfort.

Daddy’s hands were soft and kind when I was cryin´.
Daddy´s hands, were hard as steel when I´d done wrong.
Daddy´s hands, weren´t always gentle
But I´ve come to understand.
There was always love in Daddy´s hands.

Pleading for Resolution

I’m feeling very somber this morning. Not just somber, but my heart feels rather heavy. My very dear friend, Gretchen, and her husband have been working towards adopting two of the cutest little girls from Ghana. When I say they’ve been “working”, what I mean is they legally adopted them nearly two years ago. OUR government – the United States of America – is the reason why these precious sisters haven’t come home to THEIR family. And yet America opens the borders to illegal immigrants like it’s nobody’s business. How is that right? How is it right that a person can come into this country without any type of documentation and be welcomed with open arms and entitled to all the benefits, but these children, who have been legally adopted by two United States citizens, are not allowed to COME HOME!?

The newest fear in this story is Ebola. Ghana is not terribly far from the outbreak in Africa and is listed as an area at risk for Ebola emergence. This is obviously cause for concern on two fronts. One – nobody wants their child near an Ebola outbreak – especially in a third world country. Two – if there is an outbreak in Ghana all flights out of the country will be suspended, trapping the girls indefinitely.

All of this makes me sad and it makes me angry. There’s not one reason why these girls shouldn’t be with their mother and their father and their big sister and big brother. Not one.

I realize this is a fairly common story. Maybe not the specifics, but the feeling of helplessness in trying to get an adopted child home, only to have the mercilessness of red tape – their country’s or our country’s – stand in the way of what is right. I’ve watched another close friend go through the heartbreak and it is just so wrong. The time, energy and money spent by these politicians on squashing something that is good and noble and right should be used for something else. Why don’t they direct that manpower to something that’s a little more cause for concern?

The orphanages and the government should be judicious in these adoptions – make no mistake. The worst thing they could do would be to “traffic” these innocent children, who may or may not be orphans, to the wrong people. I get that and I applaud that. But come on. Doug and Gretchen have passed every test, followed every protocol, crossed all their Ts and dotted all their Is. Ghana has done their due diligence and has determined these girls are truly orphans and that they are the legally adopted children of my friends.

Six hundred plus people signed petitions a couple of weeks ago to bring these girls home, but their fight is just one of many. Last night Gretchen was on her local news and I’m praying this clip will make the rounds until someone with some power to do something will do just that. Not just for my friends, but for all the children who are trapped in their birth country and for all the parents who are waiting to bring them home.

You can see her news clip HERE.

Please pray for this family – all six of them. And please pray for the countless other families who are waiting to be united. And please pray for the families who have been forced to relinquish their dreams of adoption.

One last thing I need to tell you. Like my friend, Kati, who has fought more than just one of her own battles, Gretchen is a woman of great faith. I’ve watched them both deal with the hope and the grief and the joy and the heartache while on this rollercoaster. They both showed incredible determination to fight as long and as hard as physically and financially possible. But most inspiring to me is the way they both did so with such grace, relying heavily on God regardless of their situation.

There is no one holy like the Lord;
there is no one besides you;
there is no rock like our God

1 Samuel 2:2 (NIV)

Celebration Surprise

Todd is going to be 50 next Tuesday and we have a whole week of celebrating planned. We started the birthday week last night with a surprise visit from Katie.

Let me give you a little back story for this surprise. Over the summer she was our ice cream gopher. She would even tell you she was bullied a couple of evenings to run out for ice cream for the rest of us. I don’t think that’s technically true as she was never threatened or verbally assaulted, but whatever. I’ll let her have it.

She has also always been the one to change our whiteboard calendar. Said calendar still says August. So the other day I posted a picture on Facebook, tagged Katie and said, “You need to come home and change the calendar.”

So this is how it went down yesterday. She left after her last class and made the 7 hour drive home. But before she came to the house she stopped at the store and called me, saying she was bored so she thought she would call. (We had to keep to the script in case Todd could hear our conversation.) It went something like this:

KT:     Hi! I’m bored so I thought I would call.

Me:    No plans with the friends tonight?

KT:     No. They all went home for the weekend.

Me:    Oh. I know! You can come home and change the calendar!

KT:     Haha.

Me:    Or you could bring me ice cream!

KT:     Yeah. I’ll get right on that.

Me:    Okay!

KT:     I gotta go! Emily just came in.

Me:    Alright. Have fun!

About 10 minutes later she came walking in the front door, carrying a bag with a gallon of ice cream and a package of Oreos. Todd had no idea and he was so happy to see her!

Note to self: Don’t let Katie leave tomorrow without fixing the calendar.

A Little Gray With A Bunch of Good Junk


There’s not much going on with my hair right now. It’s only been a week and a half since my coloring job. There is the faintest amount of color sliding at my temples, but it didn’t show up in the pictures I tried to take so they’re not even worth posting.

And speaking of pictures, I know I said I would get one at the wedding while I was all gussied up, but that was a falsehood. Not an intentional one, mind you, but it just didn’t happen. I DO, however, have these photos I took the day after the coloring.

8-6-14 Hair 2 8-6-14 Hair 1

I love my color. I really do. It has a nice vibrancy to it that I’m afraid I’ll lose as it’s growing out. But I guess we’ll find out together. Because you’re a part of this now and I’ve tossed my pride aside. Today, at least.


Thursday night was Todd’s bowling league night and Katie had gone out with some friends. So after dinner Taylor told me we were going on an adventure, but he wouldn’t tell me what. I love me a good adventure and now that I’m all “grown up” and everything, I don’t get many of them.

He loaded up something in his truck and then we left. Our first stop was Sonic for milkshakes and then we were off again. We ended up at the river, where he backed his truck up to the shore and we climbed onto the bed of his truck and sat in lawn chairs. Then we commenced to converse and enjoy our milkshakes.

20140814-DSC_0025 20140814-DSC_0028

It was such a beautiful evening and, in fact, became downright chilly as the sun went down. Which, as you can see, made for a gorgeous picture.

After our most enjoyable endeavor we came home to watch Sharknado 2. Please don’t judge. It’s less an “I really want to see that spectacular cinematic brilliance”, and more of an “I have to watch it to say I watched it and then we can delete it from the DVR and never have to see it again.” Todd made it home just in time to watch with us and I have to say, it wasn’t without its entertainment. There is some value in B movies after all.


A few years ago I was off visiting my parents in New Mexico and when I returned home, Todd had bought me a Keurig as an early birthday present. I was ever so happy with it and really do like it. Sometimes. But here’s the thing about a Keurig – the coffee doesn’t taste the same. Oh, it’s super convenient as long as you have a supply of K-cups. That can get pretty pricey, though, so we have special K-filters we can use regular ground coffee with. That’s great, too, except it’s kind of a pain to put together every morning and again, the taste isn’t the same.

I’ve been thinking for a while now that I wanted a regular coffee maker. But how wasteful! The Keurig works perfectly fine. The taste thing finally got the better of me and I had Katie pick up a discounted coffee maker at Target the other day. So now this is what our counter looks like:

Coffee Counter

We’re keeping both on the counter because the Keurig is great for brewing iced tea and chai lattes and hot chocolate and hot tea and hot apple cider and all manner of alternative beverages. You can see from the K-Cup holder, however, that we are low on our favorite K-Cups.

Two mornings in a row Taylor and I have had coffee from the new coffee maker and it was divine. Oh, how I’ve missed that flavor.


We ended this fabulous streak with a kayaking adventure. It was such a gorgeous day yesterday so we drove through the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside to Green Lane where we rented four kayaks and took to the open water. And it was just an awesome way to spend a day. No phones. No computers. No TVs. Just the four of us. We probably would have stayed out a bit longer, but some dark clouds started rolling in, the wind whipped up a bit and it was cold. In August. It was cold. No matter. We still had over an hour of relaxing fun and I’m looking forward to doing it again.

Famous Fridays – Jimmy Fallon Edition

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. It is NOT Friday. It is, in fact, Saturday. But Famous Fridays sounds better than Famous Saturdays and I had intended to post this yesterday. Capiche?

Thursday was our big day in New York to see The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. But a big day like that doesn’t begin the morning you wake up. No. An adventure like that takes planning beforehand. There are important things to consider like what you will wear and what you will listen to in the car.

We were each tasked with giving Taylor 20 songs we wanted to listen to so he could put them into a Spotify playlist. And since I was the one who procured the tickets I made the rule that all 20 songs could NOT be country. (I’m the only one in my family who is not a fan). Choosing only 20 songs is very difficult, but Katie and I met the challenge. Todd, not so much. The NYC playlist was eclectic and exceptional and really good! At one point Todd mentioned his disappointment that there wasn’t any Dave Matthews and we told him it was because we figured that’s all he would put on his list. Seriously – Taylor, Katie and I had had that exact conversation beforehand.

The question of what to wear was a hot topic as well. The tickets say “smart casual”, but nobody could quite agree on what that was. The weather didn’t help matters any, either, because it was supposed to be rainy and muggy and just generally yucky. That messes up shoe choices which, in turn, messes up clothing choices. One doesn’t want to wear cute sandals if one is going to be running around the city in rain. And one doesn’t want to wear cold weather shoes with capris. And one doesn’t want to wear cute little flats that are too small and cause blisters.

Finally our decisions were made (mine were pretty much made at the very last minute) and we piled into the car with the tasty tunes. Traffic was light and it was looking like we were going to have more than enough time to get to the studios. We were driving up to Weehawken for the ferry and even I-95 was moving along nicely. And then when we got a few miles from our exit everything stopped. The George Washington Bridge was closed so millions upon millions (or at least it seemed like it) cars decided to take the Lincoln Tunnel – which was our exit. It took us a good hour to go what should have been about 10 minutes. Bad enough in any situation, but when you started the road trip 2+ hours earlier with large beverages, well, you get the idea.

WristbandsEventually we made it to the ferry, over the Hudson and jumped on the free city bus to take us to 30 Rockefeller Center where we stood in a line to get our wrist bands and tickets.

Then we made our way down to the concourse underneath the plaza for some eats and a rest before we had to go stand in line again. There was a lot of standing in line and a lot of feeling like cattle. Then it was through security, into an elevator, down a short hall, into a round room and then through the doors into the studio. The very small studio. It’s amazing how the cameras can make the studio look so much larger.

The real fun began once we were in our seats. The Roots were stellar as always. Ben Stiller made a surprise appearance which was exciting. Chris Rock was good, though they cut out some of his stuff, and Chris Christie was pretty funny as well. The musical guest was Kacey Musgraves which would have been great if I liked country music. I did enjoy the glittery outfits, though.

We had a great time at the show, a lot of laughing ensued, and watching the mechanics of the show was a lot of fun. And then it was over.

JuniorsWhat to do then? Oh! I know! Let’s walk a few blocks down and over and go to Juniors! So we did. Amazingly we waited less than 10 minutes for a table. Delicious deli food (I had the Reuben) and then the real reason we went there. Cheesecake.  Plain cheesecake. It was everything I ever imagined it would be.

As we tried to find a cab that could fit all four of us it started raining. Thankfully we didn’t have to stand in the rain too long before Todd jumped in front of a cab with its light on and caught us a ride back to the ferry. Over the Hudson and through the woods oil refineries to get back home. We boarded the ferry at 8:30 and pulled into our driveway around 11. That included a stop at a service station. I don’t want to admit that I drove too fast, but I drove too fast.

It was a long and exhausting day but a great experience! Now we have to wait another 6 months before I can get tickets again.

Come back next Friday (or possibly Saturday) when I do my next installment of Famous Fridays.

Places to Go, People to See

Tomorrow is a big day for the Jenster Clan. We are headed to the Big Apple to see The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Tonight-Show-Jimmy-Fallon-PromoPeople may be jealous, but let me just tell you something. We deserve this. I deserve this. Getting the tickets was grueling work. My friend, Dan, told me they would be giving out the June tickets on the Monday or Tuesday before Memorial day. So that Monday I put the website up on my computer at work and kept hitting refresh in between tasks, but nothing ever happened.

I had the next day off of work and Katie and I were going to go to the movies with Todd’s mom (his parents were here for Taylor’s graduation – a blog post I’ve been putting off because, well, because it was Taylor’s graduation). As I was putting some clothes in the dryer my phone rang, Katie said it was Dan and I practically ran over her to get to it. “It’s time!” he said. So I grabbed my iPad and pulled up the website while making my way to the table. Katie was following me and asked what I needed. “I need my computer, stat!” So she brought my laptop to me and got it set up while I was hitting refresh on my iPad.

This is where I tell you I was still in my lounging pajamas, which sounds a little pathetic since it was around 1:30 or so, but it wasn’t pathetic because lounging pajamas are not the same as regular pajamas. I can’t hang out in my jammies all day, but I can change from my jammies into lounging jammies and be fine. Except, as I said, we were supposed to go to a movie. I had 30 minutes to get the tickets and get dressed, but the clock was ticking and no progress was being made. Finally after about 20 minutes of hitting refresh, refresh,refresh, ad infinitum, I got a different screen.

Long story short I got the tickets. Katie was standing behind me while I was filling out the form and I think we were both holding our breath, afraid I was going to accidentally hit the wrong button and lose our chance. But no. I hit “submit” and a CONGRATULATIONS screen popped up, at which time Katie and I both screamed and scared the entire household. And then we regained our composure, I got dressed and we made it to the movie on time.

We just found out last week who we will be seeing. Chris Rock, Governor Christie and a country singer whose name I can’t remember. Not so bad. Tonight was Mama June and Honey Boo Boo so I feel as though we dodged a bullet.

Check back on Friday and I’ll tell you how it went. Or better yet, watch the show tomorrow night and look for me. I’ll be the one waving!