As Hot As The Sun


We’re staring down what I believe is our 7th heat wave for the summer, which I think is a record. Regardless, it’s YUCKY out. This oppressive heat and humidity is even causing some schools without air conditioning to close early due to heat indices of more than 100. I don’t like it one bit. I even planned meals and shopping ahead of time, just like I was planning for a snowstorm, but the opposite. No baking. Except today’s Todd’s birthday so I’ll be baking a cake and stacked enchiladas. And cranking the air up so it doesn’t heat up the whole house.

Happy birthday, Babe! I would have gotten you a present, but I had to pay the electric bill.

Speaking of Todd, he finished my bookcase! It’s beautiful. I need to touch up a few spots with paint so he said I can’t show a real picture of it until I’m completely done. You’ll just have to come back to see that.

Now that the bookcase is in its home I can move the storage cabinet to it’s appropriate home. Then I can start putting stuff in said storage cabinet. And once the touch ups are done on the bookcase I can start filling it with all my cherished books. (I’m seriously smiling the smile of a love struck goofball as I type.) And once the cabinet is in it’s place I can move the desk down so there will be room for my glider and side table. But before I can put them there I have to paint them. And I have to hang my pictures and organizing thingies and calendar. And then I might be done.



Here’s a before picture of the glider and side table. (I’m actually showing this to you because you can see part of the bookcase in the background, but it’s not a full-on picture of the bookcase so it doesn’t actually count as a real picture. Right? And Todd doesn’t know the password to my blog so he can’t go in an remove it. But it is his birthday, so let’s just not tell him I did it. M-kay? Shhh…)

The plan here is to paint the glider the same white as the bookcase and the table the same mint color as the bead board  in the back of the bookcase. And I have new cushions for the chair, but I’m not going to show them to you yet. Suffice it to say, they’re lovely!

I’m on a bit of a time crunch to get all this done because my mom and sisters are coming out in less than four weeks! So now I’m going to go bake a cake and do a little website work for a couple of clients (I have real, live clients!) and tomorrow I’ll get back to painting.

You guys! It just hit me that I get chocolate cake tonight! That is exciting.


Aaaaaaannnnnnnd It’s Done!

Well mostly done, anyway. It’s pretty much complete. The powder room is just a few touch ups away from being finished!

I promised before and after pictures, but I can’t find the before photos. Just suffice it to say it was a boring, construction-grade bathroom. Linoleum on the floor, a beige toilet and a standard cabinet with standard sink and faucet. Got that image in your head?? Now follow me to the bathroom. (That sounded much less awkward in my head.)

First we see the beautiful sink and faucet. I am in love.

20140523-DSC_0006 20140523-DSC_0008 20140523-DSC_0007


Beautiful, no? I’m filled with delight every time I see them. I’ve never thought myself to be very materialistic, but I’m starting to reconsider.

Now check out these killer switch plates I bought in Cape May! They were instrumental in my choice of cabinet color (which we will get to in a moment).

20140523-DSC_0005 20140523-DSC_0004


Aren’t they nifty??

And now for the Piece de Resistance. The cabinet, which my super talented man made with his own two hands and all those spiffy tools in the garage.

20140523-DSC_0013 20140523-DSC_0003


That dude has some seriously mad skillz! The delight I spoke of when I mentioned the sink and faucet? It’s totally surpassed by my complete joy and amazement every time I look at the cabinet and counter top. We actually had looked at vanities and I knew I wanted a vessel sink, but everything we looked at was either outrageously expensive or just icky. While looking at a particularly flimsy (yet reasonably priced) vanity at Lowes or Home Depot Todd said, “I can make you a vanity if this is all it is,” and BAM! Another new idea was born.

And a few of the finishing touches – the light fixture, the mirror and the flooring.

20140523-DSC_0002 20140523-DSC_0001


The light fixture was one of the first things I bought, along with the sink and faucet. The photo doesn’t really do it justice. Just believe me when I say it’s really cool. And the mirror used to hang in my dining room. My Mother-In-Law bought a pair of these mirrors at an estate sale years ago and then gave me one of them. I had originally thought to paint it the same color as the vanity, but I’ve since changed my mind. I actually like the look of the dark cherry wood atop the bright green vanity.

The flooring is 12×24 inch tile with gray grout. Tile is one of my nemeses because I can never find just the right one. But when I saw these I just knew. Kind of like when I met Todd. I just knew.

The beadboard was one of those, “Oh no! We pulled the old vanity out and there are holes in the wall and we need to cover them up,” decisions. I think it was a good one.

And that, dear ladies and gentleman, is a tour of my new powder room. I can now get on with my life.


A New Disorder

My fans have been hounding me about writing some more since it’s been several months. There have been at least two, maybe three people beg for another post, ask for another post, mention there hasn’t been a post since December.

Always the people pleaser, I’ve decided to forgo the laundry, dishes and other assorted chores I always, usually, sometimes, think I should probably do on Saturday and give the people what they want a bit of time-wasting uselessness.

But what to write about? There are so many options and I’m not good with choices. So I think I’ll just tell you what’s on my mind at this very moment.

I have DADD – Decorating Attention Deficit Disorder.

We have a small powder room that I want to completely redo. Everything – and I mean everything – is coming out. I’m going to put in new flooring, a new toilet, a new vanity, a new mirror and a new light fixture and I’ve been obsessing over making the right choices.

It’s a powder room, for crying out loud. It’s not like people come to the house just to hang out in there. And if that is the reason they’re coming to my house they need to stay away because that’s just weird.

Urban Industrial Rustic Shabby Chic is pretty much what I’m going for. (See what I mean? I can’t even make a decision on what to call the style.)

I was thinking about doing a pallet wall behind the toilet and vanity, but foraging for useable pallets is more than I’m willing to do at the moment. So I’ve spent the last hour or so talking to Todd about the cheapest way to get the look I want and frankly, I think I’m going to like this even better.

Can I just stop here for a second and tell you how much I dig on this stuff? Thanks! I LOVE this stuff! If it didn’t cost money I would be just like Nicole Curtis on Rehab Addict. And if you don’t know who she is or what Rehab Addict is then you haven’t lived! She’s like the cool version of “This Old House”.

Thanks for indulging me.

I’m very excited because we have a plan and it includes paint and Home Depot and the lumber yard and tile and a super cool project. I will, of course, post before and after pictures. I just hope it turns out half as awesome as the image in my head. Sadly, that very rarely happens.

You do know what this means, right? It means I’m going to be too busy to write posts.

And we’ve come full circle.

Todd the Carpenter

When I first met Todd nearly 30 years ago he lived in a postage stamp sized studio apartment. Inside the apartment was a sofa bed, a large trunk, a dresser (in the closet which was in the “kitchen”) and an entertainment unit. He had made the dresser and the entertainment unit when he was in high school and we still have them. I would never go so far as to say I dated him because of his woodworking skills, however, there was a small part in the back of my head that thought, “this could come in handy someday.”

Turns out making furniture requires a lot of tools and equipment. Turns out those tools and equipment are really expensive. Turns out when you get married relatively young and are happy when there’s a little bit of cash left after the bills are paid you can’t afford all those tools and equipment. Ergo, there was no carpentry going on for the first twenty or so years of marriage.

A few years ago a very good friend of ours started getting into cabinet making. Stan upgraded his router/router table and gave me his old one to give to Todd for Father’s Day. He had recognized the fire in Todd’s eyes whenever they would talk shop.

Todd and Stan started taking Saturday morning trips out to a local sawmill and I kid you not when I tell you he would come home with the same excitement as a kid who had just been to Disneyland. The one router turned into another piece of equipment and another tool and pretty soon he started building work benches and jigs and the next thing you know, he had a legitimate workshop of his own on one side of the garage.

Finally! The whole reason I married Todd has come to fruition. It took nearly 25 years, but it was worth the wait. I am truly in awe of the product he turns out. His shop alone is a work of art and a testament to his skill. Adjustable work benches, portable work benches, storage… his portable organizer makes most everyone I know drool with envy.

Workbench All Portable Workbench

Storage Unit front









He started out making beautiful wood boxes as Christmas gifts and then gorgeous wood cornices for my family room.  He’s also made rain sticks, frames, and shadow boxes.

Cornice Collage

But the creme de la creme is the incredible farm table he made for me. This table is so beautiful and so perfect and so everything-I-wanted-in-a-table that it deserves its own post. You’ll have to come back for that, but here’s a little teaser…


Currently he is working on a project for a friend and then he’s going to build something else for the workshop (a box joint jig, if you must know). After that is another project for a friend and then a custom end table (that we’re still kind of designing) and then another project for a friend and then… well, the list is rather lengthy. I have a whole catalogue of things for him to build and there are a few “fun” projects he wants to do as well.

I’ve been meaning to brag on him tell you about his rekindled love but, as you know, my blogging has become terribly sporadic. He has provided a ton of material – and I mean that in the good way, not in the he’s-always-doing-something-stupid-that-I-need-to-tell-you-about way. Not only is he doing the woodworking, but he’s also started carving and has an actual paracord business. (I like that he has all these hobbies because it will make his eventual retirement so much more pleasant for me.)

I could go on, but instead I’ll just summarize. I am one lucky gal!