A few years ago, June of 2006 to be exact, I moved from Arkansas to Pennsylvania. I started blogging to let ma and pa back home know what was going on. Well, them and some friends. And maybe a sister or two. And then there’s that aunt.


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  1. Dear Jenster, I write this to you and to anyone else diagnosed with a life threatening illness. I am a 22 yr. breast cancer survivor. In 1991, I was 37 when I first developed cancer and I remember my first thought being “my children, what would happen to them.” I have gone through two separate mastectomies, nine years apart and have spent 20 years raising money to find a cure with Susan G. Komen. Three years ago, my 41 yr. old friend knew that she was losing her battle and wanted to leave videos with advice for her 8 year old daughter. After researching, I found that there wasn’t an organization out there that would come to your home and help you. For that reason, we started Thru My Eyes.Org a not-for profit organization that helps people with chronic life threatening illnesses make free clinically guided video legacies for their children and loved ones. Our focus is on parents with young children. Making this video does not mean that we are giving up battling our disease. It means that we are merely taking out an insurance policy. After all, don’t we take out insurance on almost everything? It is my sincere hope that 15 years from now, you will be watching your video with your children. To learn more about what we do, and to see testimonials, please go to our website.Writing to your children is no substitute for having them see you and hear you speak your words to them. We service the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut areas, but we have the ability to skype and your video will still look perfect. If you are interested, look us up online. Be well, Carri

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